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Our Solutions

In order to establish the online presence that our clients require, we have developed a series of platforms that enable us to provide clients with the level of functionality that works for their business and industry.

Each of these solutions are strategically designed with a high level of flexibility in mind so that they can be molded to the exact criteria of each client. This ensures that the client receives a customized solution that is targetted to the needs of their industry and will ultimately yield the best results for their business.

Don't see something that fits your needs? We can custom develop or customize any solution to suit your needs.

Hosted Solutions

  • Email Marketing
    FyreMail Marketing Studio

    Our state-of-the-art email marketing platform allows you to send and track your email campaigns with ease. Maintain your mailing lists, send your campaigns immediately or schedule them to send in the future, track campaign statistics, and much more. You can even send surveys/questionnaires to your clients for them to fill out directly in their email. Learn More

Existing Customizable Solutions

  • Content Studio
    Content Studio

    Want to manage the content of your website yourself? Our CMS system simplifies the process for you using an intuitive and user friendly interface, coupled with an industry standard WYSIWYG editor for content. Learn More

  • Restaurant Studio
    Restaurant Studio

    Tired of uploading a fixed file (such as a PDF) of your menu? Easily maintain your website content and menu with our Restaurant Studio solution. You can maintain multiple custom menu sections such as Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts, Beverages and more. Learn More

  • Tenant Studio
    Tenant Studio

    Are you a property owner or manager? Maintain your website content, properties and vacancies with ease. You can even have potential tenants fill out an easy online application form. Learn More

  • Appraisal Studio
    Appraisal Studio

    Are you a real estate appraiser and want to start accepting appraisal orders online? Then this solution is perfect for you. Easily accept and manage orders online, and you can even be notified via email or text when a new order arrives. Learn More

Want more info?

For more information or a free consultation regarding one of these solutions, we encourage you to contact us.

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