Sitemap Generator

Empower your website SEO with automated sitemap generation

This powerful GeoDesic add-on will automatically process and generate a compliant sitemap.xml file for your website. You can configure settings to specify what content should be mapped on the sitemap, and the add-on takes care of the rest. Increase your website exposure with a SEO compliant sitemap today.

Key Features

  • Automatic routine will update the sitemap for you
  • Configure the frequency of sitemap updates (daily or weekly)
  • Automatically process and include:
    • Active categories
    • Active listings
    • Standard and extra software pages
    • Custom pages
    • Content publisher pages
  • Specify any number of custom pages/URLs to be included in the sitemap every time it updates
  • Integrates with our content publisher add-on for seamless content mapping

Other Features

  • Standards compliant XML formatting