Results Display Toolbar

User friendly toolbar for managing results views and filtering preferences

This powerful GeoDesic add on lets you display an inline toolbar that allows users to switch their browsing style (list view or gallery view) filter/sort the results based on certain criteria (listing type, price type etc.). A must for any website looking to remain competitive.

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Key Features

  • Enable/Disable various types of sort/filter options
  • Enable/Disable display switch, allowing users to toggle their preferred view between list view and gallery view
  • Completely customizable templates in both list and gallery views
  • Admin setting for gallery view (how many listings per row, and block height)
  • Works in conjunction with the Geo Navigation filter add-on, allowing a user's region setting to filter the results
  • Nofollow/NoIndex option on display links for SEO purposes 
  • Fully customizable CSS & templates
  • Pure W3C compliant & validated coding
  • Complete semantic separation of functional/programming and visual layers