Other Similar Items

Showcase related items and increase exposure to buyers

This add-on displays a specified number of listings that are similar to the listing currently being viewed. The number of listings can be customized in the admin. This add-on helps buyers to quickly and easily navigate to other listing they may be interested in, increasing exposure across your website.

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Key Features

  • Fully customizable CSS & templates
  • Pure W3C compliant & validated coding
  • Complete semantic separation of functional/programming and visual layers
  • Display a configurable block of listings on the listing details page that will display other similar items and a link to more similar items
  • Display a standalone link to another page that displays other similar items (useful if you do not want a block of listings directly on the listing details page)
  • The add-on first looks for items with matching title keywords, and then looks for items in the same category
  • Works in conjunction with the Geo Navigation filter add-on, allowing a user's region setting to filter the results
  • Easily configure a list of filtered words (such as new, used, and, or, etc.) to prevent false matches