Link Directory Publisher

Manage a directory of links for user reference and resource

This powerful GeoDesic add on lets you publish and display a link directory on your website, directly from the admin panel. It also allows you to create categories within the link directory to better organize your links.

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Key Front-End Features

  • Fully customizable CSS & templates
  • Display Directory/Links Page
  • SEO - Enable search engine friendly URLs for the link directory and categories (requires Geo's SEO addon)
  • Display link directory breadcrumb navigation

Key Admin Features

  • Create & edit any number of link directory categories and images
  • Specify title and description for each category & image
  • Publish & Unpublish categories to control which display on the website without having to delete the category
  • Configurable display settings for the categories and links to customize what pieces of information display (title, date, description, logo/image etc.)
  • Batch processing to publish, unpublish, delete categories & links in the manager.

Other Features

  • Pure W3C compliant & validated coding
  • Complete semantic separation of functional/programming and visual layers