Inline Refine Search

Powerful listing result filtering available to your users

This powerful GeoDesic add on lets you display an inline search form that allows users to filter/refine the results in any given category. The add-on automatically generates and makes available filters for the various category specific fields/questions you have configured in the software

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Key Features

  • Enable/Disable various types of fields (price, keywords, category specific dropdowns, checkboxes, etc.)
  • Allows user to filter category results by multiple sub-categories, rather than having them drill down into a sub-category one at a time.
  • Selected filter criteria remain selected after submitting the form to maximize user experience and friendliness.
  • Expand/collapse certain sections of filters, minimizing the impact of the inline search on page real estate. (If the user has selected a criteria, that section remains expanded upon page reload for user convenience)
  • Works in conjunction with the Geo Navigation filter add-on, allowing a user's region setting to filter the results
  • Fully customizable CSS & templates
  • Pure W3C compliant & validated coding
  • Complete semantic separation of functional/programming and visual layers