Account Types

Users can choose, upgrade and downgrade their account plan

This powerful GeoDesic add on lets you allow your users choose which account type they want when registered, and to upgrade/change their account type (usergroup & price plan) via their account. This means that you no longer have to do this manually for the user, and do not have to provide special registration codes if you don't want to.

Key Admin Features

  • Numerous admin settings to fully control how the add-on functions for your needs, including:
    • Display the initial account type selection on the registration code form, or information collection page
    • Display detailed account type information, or a simple select field
    • Configure which usergroups are available to the user to pick from
    • Configure which usergroups the user can only choose once
  • Easily edit content for each usergroup directly in the admin when using the detailed account type display option. No manual template editing!

Key User Features

  • Easily select which account type (usergroup) you want to register into without needing the registration code
  • Easily change your account type at any time via your account.

Other Features

  • When changing account types, the users price plan is automatically updated to the new groups price plan as well. All existing account subscriptions are expired and the user would need to subscribe under the new user group/price plan.