Abuse Guardian

Reduce abuse and fraud on your website with user reporting

This powerful GeoDesic add on lets you add a "report listing" link to your listings in which the user can submit a report, including the reason and details allowing you (the site admin) to review each report and listing for compliance. After a set number of reports, a listing is automatically disabled.

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Key Front-End Features

  • Fully customizable CSS & templates
  • Display a link on the listing details page, and optionally the listing (category etc.) results pages.
  • Only one report per ad, per unique user (IP based) is accepted.

Key Admin Features

  • Review all reports (false reports can be removed, updating the total reports count against a listing)
  • Specify the number of reports which trigger an automatic suspension of a listing
  • Convenient reports manager allows you to review reports for validity and their associated listing for compliance