GeoCore Software Solutions & Services

BluFyre Media has been working with the GeoCore (formerly GeoDesic Solutions) software for over 15 years. As a result, our team offers extensive experience with customizing, augmenting and tailoring the software to meet the requirements of any business or industry.

As one of the top recommended third-party developers for GeoCore, we are committed to the level of service and quality of work we provide when working with their software.

Add-Ons & Products

We have carefully developed a wide range of ready-to-go products for the GeoCore software that extend the core software with critical features and functionality to help your website compete in today's online marketplace.

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Custom Design & Development

Out-of-the-box products do not usually provide all of the necessities for each unique business to be successful in today's competitive marketplace. This is where custom development steps in - tailoring your website to meet the requirements of your business, market and users. Building your online presence and brand is also crucial for the success of your website and leaving a lasting impression with users.

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Optimized Hosting & Infrastructure

We deploy hosting environments optimized specifically for the GeoCore software. Ensure that your website has a rock-solid foundation upon which to build its success.

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Installation, Upgrades & Migrations

From initial installations, on-going upgrades to full server migrations - our expertise will ensure that these tasks are handled effectively and properly to maintain the integrity of your website.

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Support & Monitoring

Maintaining a dynamic and complex website isn't something to take lightly. With our expertise, we can monitor and support your website on a regular basis, helping to maintain reliability and security.

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Performance & UI / UX Audits

The experience you offer your users matters significantly. Do it wrong, and you'll lose users. Ensure that you are providing a friendly, easy-to-use interface with fast and reliable accessibility.

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Software Training & Consulting

Our expertise and years of experience enables us to simplify the learning process for you through sessions that help you understand and get the most out of the platform and your time.

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