Content Management Built For Business

Meticulously crafted from the ground up, our proprietary content management system (CMS), ForgeCMS, has been developed to offer the flexibility and performance that custom websites need, while maintaining simplicity for anyone to use. After all, updating your website shouldn't be complex science.

With an array of standard modules, as well as industry specific modules, ForgeCMS is the right choice to get the results you need.

Responsive, Intuitive & Easy To Use Interface

With a carefully designed interface and user experience, ForgeCMS focuses on a streamlined experience and simplicity for businesses on a variety of platforms and devices.

Flexible Modular Based Framework

The benefits of ForgeCMS aren't limited to the core features. We've built the framework to be easily extensible with not only our standard modules, and industry specific modules, but also custom modules to suit your specific needs. This allows the power and capability of the CMS to scale without compromising simplicity or integrity.

Complete Content Control

Page layouts, smart content blocks, auto-saves, historical logs and many more content controls make it easier than ever to manage your content. Easily draft, publish or unpublish your content as needed. Make a mistake? No problem, easily revert to a previous save.

SEO Tools Built Right In

Fundamental SEO tools at your finger tips without the need for cumbersome third-party tools. We've built tools right into ForgeCMS that will help you manage and optimize pages and content for SEO.

User Permissions & Audit Controls

For multi-user teams, user controls and audit logs play a crucial role. With ForgeCMS, you can easily manage multiple users, permissions and manage audit logs of what was done, when and by whom. This ensures reliability and accountability across your team.

Powerful, Functional & Easy to Use. It’s that simple.
Continue reading to learn more about the features, modules and flexibility of ForgeCMS and how we can deploy it for you.

Standard Modules

Most websites utilize some of the same core functionality that have been proven to be effective marketing tools and customer relation features for businesses.

Blog Publishing
Promotion Showcase
Media Galleries
Social Media Integration
Stats & Monitoring
Quote/Service Requests
Online Payments
Product Management
Document Management
Engagement & Conversion

Industry Specific Modules

Different industries have their own specific needs. We've developed comprehensive modules for some of the most common industries we've worked with. Don't see your industry? Don't panic - we have you covered. Get in touch and we can discuss a custom deployment.

Food Industries
Residential Home Builders
Land Developers
Property Managers
Professional Services

Custom Deployments

The flexible and modular nature of ForgeCMS allows the framework to serve as the foundation for custom deployments as well. If you would like to learn more, give us a shout and we'll walk you through how ForgeCMS will help ignite your business and meet your unique requirements.