Robust Reds

Company Type: Wine Charity Event

Launched: Sep 2019

We developed a super easy-to-use web app that serves as an online event program that will guide you through the event and allow you to log and track your tasting experience throughout the event!

About The Event

Featuring hundreds of wines from dozens of vendors, Robust Reds is Edmonton's favourite wine tasting charity event. The event is put on by the Centre for Autism Services Alberta and the Rotary Club of Edmonton Gateway.

The event happens once every year and supports an amazing cause.

Our Involvement

Among the action for the evening, event-goers can rate the wines they taste throughout the evening and keep a logbook of their ratings, which was previously all done in a printed booklet.

BluFyre Media was tasked with modernizing the process to bring the program and rating logbook online in an easy-to-use web app, allowing event-goers to easily submit and track their wine ratings throughout the event. Now they can even access their logbook at any time - even after the event has ended.

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