New Website for AUGSA Launched

We are proud to announce the delivery and launch of our latest website, crafted specifically for the awesome team at Athabasca University Graduate Student' Association.

Overview & Our objectives

With their previous website starting to show its age and falling behind current trends, and user expectations it was time for an overhaul. As a proven long-standing vendor, it was an easy decision for the council at AUGSA to put BluFyre Media back to work for them.

The new website needed to serve up a fully responsive experience, catering to all types of devices - allowing their busy graduate students easy access to the information and resources they need, regardless of where they are. Not only was that important, but streamlining and optimizing the content itself was a vital part of the project - removing obsolete content, and minimizing the remaining content to be short, to-the-point and very user friendly are just some of the optimizations pursued.

Establishing a new custom design that was tailored around their established branding and aesthetics was also part of this endeavor. Highlighting their brand and the core services that they provide their students was vital.

How we delivered

Putting our expertise to work, we carefully crafted a custom designed website that targeted all of the objectives of the client and our recommendations. The result? A beautiful, fully responsive and effective website that will serve the needs of AUGSA moving forward.  The council at AUGSA could not be more happy with the result, and are equally excited to have the new website launched.

We encourage you to see for yourself:

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