Banner Manager a NEW GeoDesic Addon

As part of our continual effort to provide you with effective add-ons and functionality to help your website and business remain competitive, we have released a powerful new add-on which boasts amazing new features to ignite your website.

Introducing the Banner Manager add-on

A powerful new GeoDesic add-on that introduces the ability for you to easily create and manage website advertising zones and banners directly in your GeoDesic software admin panel.

For each advertisement zone you create, the system automatically generates a module tag that can be inserted into your website templates. No need to keep editing your templates or code every time you change an advertisement.

For every advertisement you create, you can specify an image based banner, or insert code directly from a third party ad service. You can even specify important criteria such as display weighting, target URL, or even assign the advertisement directly to certain languages, categories or regions of your website.

How can this add-on benefit you?

Implementing advertising can be a vital part of monetizing your website. Get straight to earning advertising revenue on your website ans save time by efficiently managing your on-site advertising zones directly from the software administration panel. No need to fuss with editing your templates, or updating code directly anymore.

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