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The Project Process

BluFyre Media follows a strict process for every project to ensure the quality and reliability of the deliverables. This simple 6 step flow is designed to maximize efficiency through improved communication and clear cut project phases that enable the client to provide valuable feedback throughout the project to ensure the project remains on track and meets their needs.

Phase 1: Consultation/Strategic Analysis

When a client approaches BluFyre Media regarding their project, we take the necessary time to discuss the scope and criteria of the project with the client. We offer a complimentary initial consultation with the client, whether it be by email, phone or a physical meeting. We use the information gathered to define the scope of the project and prepare a proposal for the work. On larger projects, and projects that specifically require it, we will also perform a strategic analysis (SWOT) of the client's project versus competitors in the market. The results of such an analysis will help to define the proposed scope of the project.

Phase 2: Creative Conception & Design

Upon approval of the project by the client, and their applicable project deposit payment, we will then move in to this phase. This phase is where we use our "creative genius" to produce not only a visually appealing result, but an effective marketing tool. For websites, we use this phase to plan the flow of the website and how the various elements/components will fit together.

All design concepts are shown to the client as a "mock-up" which the client then may review, request revisions and/or approve. Only once the client has approved the design mock-up will we proceed to the next phase of the project.

Phase 3: Development & Production

After all design concepts are approved by the client, we will then move in to the development and production phase. This is where everything starts to come together. For design and print work, this is the phase where we compile the necessary print-ready formats and files. For websites and development work, this is where the actual programming takes place.

Phase 4: Comprehensive Testing

Once the various development components are complete and integrated, we then run through comprehensive testing of the system to ensure quality and reliability. Depending on the project, client testing may be utilized as well. In some circumstances we may go back and forth between phase 3 and phase 4 on certain development components.

Phase 5: Project Delivery

Once phase 3 and 4 are complete, and the project is completed to the requirements of the project proposal (scope), the project is then delivered to the client upon receipt of the final project payment.

Phase 6: Project Complete

That's It! Crack open a bottle of champagne and celebrate the successful completion of the project. It doesn't end here though. We value our continued relationship with all of our clients and look forward to continually offering our services to our clients along the way, as they grow and as new needs surface.

Our Approach

We make sure that every project meets the following standards:

  • Meets Client's needs
  • Creative & Attractive
  • Professional Quality
  • Functional & Effective
  • Standards Compliant
  • Cross Browser Compatible