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Other PHP ProBid Services

  • Software Installation
    Software Installation

    Having the software properly installed is vital. Our installation service not only includes the installation and initial configuration, but it also includes a thorough test of major functions such as registration, placing listings and uploading photos. This requires that you have an active and valid license with PHP ProBid.

  • Software Upgrades
    Software Upgrades
    Pricing Varies

    Keeping your software up-to-date is vital in order to stay on top of the market. Not only will you be able to use the latest features and functionality, but it ensures you have the latest bug fixes as well. This requires that you have an active and valid license and upgrade term with PHP ProBid.

  • Server Migration
    Server Migration
    Pricing Varies

    If you need to move your website and software from one server or hosting account to another, we can assist you with a complete migration. The price of this service varies depending on the amount of data being migrated and the type of host your are coming from and going to.

  • Software Support & Training
    Software Support & Training
    Pricing Varies

    Our team has been working with the PHP ProBid software for years and as a result, we know it inside and out and can help you with your questions. We offer on-demand and on-going support options.

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