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Add-On Installation Instructions

Installing add-ons is a relatively simple process, as long as you are familiar with the GeoDesic admin panel, uploading files to your server and adding module/add-on tags to templates. If you are not comfortable performing the installation, or any part thereof, let us know and we can perform the installation for you. Additional charges may apply.

Step 1 - Unzip

  1. Unzip your add-on .ZIP package to your local computer.
  2. You should now have a single directory labelled with the add-on name.

Step 2 - Upload

  1. Upload this directory into the /addons/ directory in your website's root GeoDesic software folder.
  2. You can use FTP, or shell to upload these files, depending on your preference and level of comfort.

Step 3 - Install

  1. After the upload is complete, login to your GeoDesic software admin panel
  2. On the left menu, click on Addons and then on Manage Addons
  3. To the right, under the "Not Installed Addons" heading, you will see the add-on listed. Click on the [ Install ] button to the left of the add-on name
  4. If successful, the add-on will now appear below the "Disabled Addons" heading. Click [ Enable ] to enable the add-on.

Step 4 - Configure

After installing & enabling the add-on, you may need to configure some settings depending on the add-on.

  1. On the left menu, click Addons. This will expand the menu and show you the current enabled add-ons. Then click on the add-on name you just installed.
  2. After clicking on the add-on, the menu will again expand and show you a list of options for that add-on. Click on General Settings.
  3. Configure the settings as you need.

Step 5 - Place Tags

This requires, at the very least, a basic understanding of modifying templates. Caution is recommended, and be sure to back up any file before editing.

  1. Depending on the add-on, there may be one or multiple tags that you can insert into your templates. You can find the list of these by doing the following in your admin:
    • On the left column, click on the "Addons" heading, this will expand it.
    • Click on [ Manage Addons ], this will load a new page on the right.
    • On the right side of the page (not the left column) click on the appropriate add-on name
    • You will then see an overlay window appear with details about the add-on, including the Tags available in templates. These tag(s) are what you will insert into your template(s).
  2. From the list, copy the exact tag string that you wish to insert, and then paste it into your desired template. Save the template after editing.
  3. After saving the template, you then may need to Re-Scan Attachments for your template set. You can do this by visiting Design >> Template Sets in the left menu of your admin. Then click [ Re-Scan Attachments ] for your active template set.

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